Geospacial Intelligence

Digital Photogrammetry and Geospacial Intelligence

The geospatial intelligence era!

Today’s world has numerous possibilities. More than ever before spatial and location based information is finding a significant seat in the opera of day to day operations. Making decisions based on geography is basic to human thinking but often the human thinker is not aware that they have made what is described as a spatially oriented decision. Geospatial intelligence offers businesses an opportunity to tap from the intellect of engineering tools in order to answer some of the pertinent commercial questions of the day. This portfolio summarises the work of a team offering geospatial services for various applications that quantify location data.

What are we capable of?

The team has geospatial intelligence capabilities. These include but are not limited to Imaging and LiDAR processing expertise with special interest in drone based solutions for urban and human applications. Members have worked extensively in urban feature extraction from high resolution imagery including building detection, informal settlement identification, vegetation mapping, mine volume computations, road mapping and infrastructure condition assessment.


What do we stand for?

We are a team who are committed to clientele satisfaction by upholding professional standards, ethics, integrity and competence in the delivery of earth-related information to various stake-holders. To achieve this ideal, the team offers the following services: -

  • Engineering services through the provision of: - 3D mapping for dump sites at mines, dams and tunnels for volumes
  • Topographical surveys for the production of base maps for town planning, farms and generally all infrastructure development.
  • Urban surveys for creation of real estate and property modelling and in door mapping
  • Data services for the creation and commercial trade of specific data sets for partners in communication, transport, land management, agriculture and tourism
  • Infrastructure asset condition assessments for deformation monitoring and analysis of assets such as cell towers, bridges, dams, power lines etc.
  • The teams resonate with the following core values: Integrity; Transparency; Gender Equity; Timeliness; Quality; Training; Technological development and Statutory Compliance in all areas.

    What separates us from the rest?

    The traditional view of engineering work has been that of the field based technical team that collects data using in situ methods for processing after the ground survey. The use of images for engineering work however is rapidly replacing the need for long data collection hours of intense field work. Images collected by various earth observation techniques are fast becoming a smart solution for the 21st century engineer.
    Image data can be collected using ground based, aerial (aircraft or drone); mobile (moving vehicle) and space based (satellite imagery) techniques. Imagery can be monocular or stereo

    What specific services we offer?

    Depending on client needs that drive imaging specifications different data sets can be used in the following.

  • Generation of contours at specified contour interval
  • Generation of digital terrain models
  • Generation of digital surface models
  • Generation of Normalised digital surface models
  • Development of three dimensional models of structures and views
  • Theme based mapping of urban and natural environments
  • Feature extraction of image based elements
  • Area and volume computations
  • Provision of coordinates of specified point in image area
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    What can we do for the client?

    The service we offer has several advantages over traditional methods. These include: -

  • Cost cutting through offering much more efficient techniques
  • Image based solutions that save on delivery time
  • Provision of more elegant solutions than traditional data collection
  • Ability to access difficult, occluded and dangerous areas using drone technology
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